• Good Websites for Car Dealers and Traders

    One of the marvels of the digital age is the way the internet has revolutionised the auto sales market. While there is some emotional satisfaction of buying a car from a physical dealer, buying one online has its attractions, too. If you would like to shop around for some good deals, here are the top car websites to visit:

    • CarsDirect.com: This is a good resource for conducting research on used car listings. The site also offers information about financing, incentives and rebates.
    • Cars.com: This site is owned by a conglomerate of newspaper groups. Apart from the standard features, it offers extensive research and reviews.
    • NADA.com: Nada is an acronym that stands for National Automotive Dealers Association. The site offers dealer cars as well as private party ads. The site allows you to search for your car of choice by model, make, body style and price. The site also offers research tools and new car search. Nada is easy to navigate and provides a lot of information.
    • Vehix.com: Vehix has a large inventory of cars – more than 1 million. The site mainly acts as a search portal.
    • Autobytel.com: This is one of the oldest auto websites. Even though Autobytel has lost some of its former glory and is no longer as dominant as it was a few years back, it still offers a large selection of vehicles and plenty of search options.
    • CarSoup.com: CarSoup originally served the Minnesota market, but has branched out into almost all the states in the U.S. The site mainly serves smaller cities. Apart from the standard features, it has a quirky style as well as CarSoup radio that make it worth visiting.
    • Autotrader.com: Autotrader is the largest and most popular auto website in the U.S. Its listings are often linked to other sites forming a wide network of available cars. Autotrader has the largest inventory of private party vehicles.
    • CarMax.com: CarMax pulls its inventory from the company’s 100 stores across the country, essentially making it a giant dealer group. The site has no haggle price and each car is given a 125-point inspection.
    • AuctionDirectUSA.com: This site offers good resources for people looking to buy or sell cars online. The site allows trade-ins for cash and convenient ordering and shipping.
    • KBB.com: KBB stands for Kelly Blue Book. The site offers plenty of search options and pricing.
    • eBay Motors: eBay lets you search for cars both locally and nationally. Additionally, you can buy a car through the site’s numerous auctions.

    It’s advisable to conduct extensive research on multiple sites to make sure you end up with a car that most closely matches your requirements at the fairest price.